1. New website for a financial intermediairy
    A project to deliver a new website had come to a standstill. The project was taken over by us
    and restarted again. The website went succesfully live with succesful performance indicators.
    The number of visitors and conversion to appointments were strongly improved compared
    to the old site.
  2. Change of business model for a financial intermediary
    Per january first the business model changed from commission based process to advisory based.
    Impacting not only the organisation, processes and systems but above all the employees. The
    program delivered new way of workings supported by changed advisory systems and
    management reports. Next to this training and instructions were implemented to support
    new skills.
  3. Implementation of SEPA for a financal intermediairy
    After finishing the SEPA impact analysis, several changes were realised into the IT-landscape,
    processes, reports and other documents. After an intense test period SEPA went live succesfully.
  4. Setup and implementation of a new Dutch bank
    The program entails the setup and implementation of a new Dutch bank for an International commercial bank. The program entails migration of customers and staff of the bought entities
    into a new Dutch organization where processes, systems and employees but also facilities (offices) are newly set up and implemented. The program covers 12 sub programs and 70 projects.
    The program was finished in August 2012 with the full migration of customers to the banks systems.
  5. IT landscape assessment with an international investment fund
    This assignment concerns the analysis of the as-is IT landscape (financial applications) with
    an international investment fund. Analysis of the current situation (as-is), the setup and
    management of workshops to gather business requirements, performing fit-gap analysis and
    deliver recommendations on how to move to the target IT landscape.
  6. Data analysis with a higher education institution
    During implementation of a new SAP HR system a data analyses was executed to form an opinion on the quality of the source systems and the approach of data migration. Using data analysis software results showed which data should be improved in order to have a successful data migration to the new SAP HR platform.
  7. Implementation of a ‘Green Field’ Service Provider
    This project started with a paper drawing and resulted in a new company. The company operates between banks and insurance companies and intermediaries. The organization, the processes, the supporting system, the extranet and internet site were implemented together with the client and his staff in a relatively short timeframe.
  8. Implementation of Project Portfolio Management
    A central program office (organization and staff) was setup to deliver all information regarding project management and project governance. Furthermore a central governance body was setup
    to: a. Determine project priority b. Approve project initiation documents c. Define budget and release staff d. Take measures regarding escalated issues and risks e. Manage dependencies, stakeholders and communication. The project management processes for planning, supervision and quality are designed and implemented and uniform project management protocols, standards and template were setup. Also a project handbook is available via intranet.